We are Stronger Together

We believe that great products are born from brilliant minds working in unison, fueled by passion, creativity, and your invaluable feedback. Your support and ideas have been our guiding stars, helping us to continuously evolve and improve.

From day one, we knew that we were stronger together. With the support from over 10,000 backers, plus the guidance of other creators and brands that form the wonderful Kickstarter community, we were able to bring our first product to life and in your homes across 153 countries.

One of these brands that has always shown unwavering support and has been a wealth of experience is Tefors. Coupled with their problem solving and utilitarian approach to our core area of bag design, they have come as a natural inspiration and north star on our own path of growth and discovery.

Today, our team at La Mansio is thrilled to share that we have joined forces with Tefors, a brand renowned for its product designs and impressive track record on Kickstarter.

This partnership is a fusion of expertise, team, resources, vision and a shared commitment to excellence that will allow us to leverage their experience, insights and logistical know-how in order to bring you more innovative, timeless and stylish products that remain core to La Mansio’s identity.

Alongside their seasoned maturity, combined with our youthful enthusiasm and fresh perspective, we create together a harmonious blend that promises to elevate your experience with us.

The La Mansio you know and love is as dedicated today to our founding principles as it was in day one, and this partnership strengthens our ability to deliver exceptional products that reflect your feedback and our shared vision for the future.

With new innovative products in mind, this feels like a great moment to let you know first about the launch of the second-generation La Mansio bag in the months to come! It’s been a marathon to gather all the feedback from our backers and design a new modular carry that packs all the best features and suggestions into one single collection.

We are calling it La Mansio Grand and we believe you’ll love it!

Here’s to a fantastic 2024 and beyond!

La Mansio Team