Explore the timeless craftsmanship behind each leather creation


Our bags are crafted with care, blending Italian accessories with the expertise of artisans in Shenzhen. Each piece bears the mark of its maker, ensuring its uniqueness and charm.

After exploring workshops in five countries across Asia and Europe, we chose our crafting location thoughtfully.Our La Mansio bag is available in three distinct models, crafted from premium full-grain and Saffiano leather. We exclusively utilize hides sourced as by-products of the meat and dairy industry, repurposing them into durable, timeless pieces.


Saffiano leather, created by Mario Prada, is distinguished by a diagonal and cross-hatch pattern on full grain leather, making it durable and ideal for products like bags.

Leading fashion brands adopted it for its scratch-resistant, water-repellent properties and easy maintenance, ensuring long-lasting appearance.


The ‘Toscana Olive’ bag is a variant of the La Mansio bags, made from water-repellant canvas fabric and complemented by approximately 5% Duotone Coffee Saffiano leather, making it a lighter version of the Saffiano bags.


Our Heritage leather has a light pigmented coating that maintains the hide's natural features.

Through careful selection, only the finest hides undergo this light tanning, preserving their breathability, water absorption, and unique markings.

Each Heritage Brown La Mansio bag is unique, displaying variations in shade, texture, and distinctive hide characteristics.


Ensure the longevity of your La Mansio with the proper care


To clean your bag we recommend using a damp, cold cloth and mild soap. Gently wipe away excess dirt or residue and air dry.

When you are not using it, make sure to store your bag in its original dust bag, away from moisture and variations of heat or cold.


This type of leather can be treated with Ecco Wax or conditioner, and over time it captures a beautiful patina. The Heritage leather can be treated with Ecco wax in order to make the scratches much less visible.
This way, the area treated with wax slowly darkens and captures a unique patina, specific to the Heritage leather.


Partnering with manufacturers who align with our values is crucial to our decision-making process. Our production partners are certified by the Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, ensuring ethical and legal treatment of workers.

Yearly audits, examining 13 key metrics, cover worker involvement, freedom of association, non-discrimination, fair pay, working hours, health and safety, environmental protection, and ethical business practices.

  1. The workshop should align with our values and quality commitment.
  2. The ideal partner must excel in continuous communication to enhance prototypes, set crafting standards, and oversee quality control, packaging, and shipping.
  3. Artisans should receive fair wages and work under ethical conditions.
  4. The workshop must consistently produce handcrafted products at a high standard.
  5. A suitable partner should have the capacity to scale production as needed.